American Credit Freedom
Credit Repair
In today's world it seems to have a good credit score one has to be up to their eyeballs in debt.  It is a vicious circle that always ends up with you with too much debt and stretched too thin.  This creates financial stress as more and more obligations pile up.  As payments become minimal and sometimes even missed this causes your credit score to take a nose dive.  

There is hope!  At American Credit Freedom we have an average turn around time to repair your credit and remove duragatory items in 60 days.  This pathway will have you back in good numbers and well on your way to restructuring your life.
Investment Lending
Flipping properties for investment and profit have become very popular in recent times.  Not only does this bring a windfall of funds your way but also hones vital skills that are also marketable and could possibly create yet another viable source of revenue for you.  Raising property values by fixing up and repairing homes also benefits the surrounding community.  This helps everyone in more ways than you can imagine.  Hassle free funding is at your fingertips with American Credit Freedom.  An investment specialist can best advise your next plan of action and seek out the best rates for you and your newly emerging business.
Commercial & Residential Lending
A place to call your own is not out of reach.  With American Credit Freedom we say yes when others say no.  We want to invest in your dreams and hopes for the future.  Be it a home or a new place of business American Credit Freedom can give you the tools and funding you need to be fruitful in your endeavors.  Reach out to our specialists today and see what we can do for you.